Skinni Time

Skinni Massage - Firm, Tone & Hydrate

Skinny massages help to  firm, tone, tighten  and help reduce cellulite appearance. It starts with a  dry skin brushing to the areas that are being treated. This removes all the dead skin and leaves a more absorbable  skin  for optimal absorption. A facial hydrating wrap can be added to any skinny massage. Only $20


All treatments can be customized to each clients needs and all can be easy to continue at home to reach your goals!

Skinni Mini
​30 min - $50

Specific areas are massaged with a variety of touch techniques / modalities using Defining gel to firm tone and tighten and bring hydration to your skin. Helps break down cellulite appearance. Common troubled areas such as saddlebags and thighs upper arms and belly. Continue use is suggested and easy to use at home. Or is this as an a "on the go" treatment


Skinni Max
​60 min - $149

Same as  SKINNI  Full Body PLUS  a targeted SKINNI  wrap to your chosen area or areas. Add SKINNI wraps to this treatment if needed for only $20  per.

(reg. 30.)

Skinni Full Body
​55 min - $115

Enjoy as you relax into a blissful state of relaxation and hydration! Your skin receives a light exfoliation first to remove dead skin cells, so that it can absorb the botanical blend after which hydrates, tones, firms and tightens your skin and reducing appearance of cellulite. Massaged from neck to feet.

Face Treatment
55 min - $80 or 75 min $95

So relaxing you might fall asleep. Lymphatic facial massage to stimulate facial lymphatic drainage, followed with a facial wrap to hydrate, reduce puffiness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and stimulate collagen through balancing your ph in your skin. INCLUDES relaxing foot massage and hot towels..ahhh!





Add a soothing and healing paraffin wax treatment to any massage treatment, Hands $20, Feet $25, Hands and Feet $40
Warm paraffin wax applied and insulated with soft terrycloth mitts  to help soften skin , relax and reduce any stiffness or achiness and joints and just feels great!