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The MELT method is a way for you to RE-hydrate, RE-balance, RE-stabilize and RE-connect your body's  systems via Re-hydrating the whole body's Connective Tissue system. Through science and research, MELT Method improves your physical balance, energy, sleep and digestion, reduces tension and stress headaches, aches and pains, and even wrinkles and cellulite!  And create optimal absorption of nutrients whether through foods or fluids to your connective tissue.

Do you wake up in the morning feeling stiff or feeling like you have to move before you" get going"?


 *Do your hands ever feel stiff, achy or experience joint pain while typing?

 *Does your neck ever feel  stiff or achy whether on or off the computer? 

 *Do you feel fatigue and lack of energy?

 *Do you feel and think maybe your getting Carpal Tunnel?

 *Would you like to feel better in your body?

 *Would you like to be independent of pain pills and possible unnecessary surgeries?

 *Do you find yourself using caffeine as energy to get you "through" the  rest of your day"?

Would you like to just FEEL BETTER overall?


IF You  answered YES to any of these then SAY YES to MELTing!

These are pre symptoms to "stuck stress" which is a huge participator to your physical ailments. Whether your an athlete or couch potato , on the technology devices, young or old!

Body Mechanics is bringing and teaching  MELT hand & foot method to Employees all over San Diego and South Orange County. Not only are employees feeling so much better BUT Insurance costs don't peak because also seeing decreased doctors visits and physical therapy sessions.

This is a self help technique that you can learn to do at home or right at your work space!  Take a 2 minute break and feel like your hands got a little massage! Only 10 minutes a day!

MELT is for everybody !

Melt Method webpage: click on M.E.L.T image


At one of my network meetings with Cara, she introduced me to the MELT Method. After participating only 5 minutes with a melt method MELT mini face , my sinuses, my eyes began to water and I could feel my sinuses start to drain. By the time I got home over an hour later, I was able to breathe much easier through my nose and able to get in a full breath. I noticed that much change and only five minutes! I'm excited to see what releases in an hour session and how that can help benefit my own patients healing process

Katie Carlson
Structural Integration Therapist
April 22, 2015


For the past 30+ years I have not been able to breathe from my right nostril. No air in and no air out! I’ve been told by doctors that it was either a deviated septum or enlarged turbinate both of which can cause nasal obstruction.  Both can also be fixed by surgery.  No thanks!  A few weeks ago, my niece and sister came to visit.  We had our first intro to the MELT Hand & Foot class with Cara.  Immediately after, Cara had us take a deep breath and guess what?  For the first time in 30 years, I was able to draw air into that nostril!! This is written three weeks after! I feel more energy by getting a long awaited sound sleep! Thanks so much Cara for encouraging me to your class! 


Roxanne D.

S.D., CA. 92118

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