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All massage therapists are licensed and certified . Every therapist is highly skilled in Swedish, Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage in addition to other specialties, so no matter which therapist you see, you are guaranteed an excellent experience.

All treatments can be customized to each clients needs





Travelers Relief Massage: Just get off the plane? Have a meeting? Need Rejuvenation? This is for you...Release that sluggish feeling and feel better get by indulging with a head, neck and back massage with a customized essential oil blend - Drink plenty of water after your plane flight and prior to your massage to re-hydrate!    60 mins - $85

Relaxation Massage
​60 min - $75 or 90 min $105

Escape into RELAXATION Bliss is using the Swedish, stroking and Kneading technique of soft tissue and muscle. Not a deep massage although thorough. 

Baja Massage
​75 min - $120

Enjoy a blend of Essential Oils of Citrus blended into a 100% Virgin Coconut Oil. A full body and scalp massage completed with an energizing Peppermint oil Foot Massage.

​Deep Tissue Massage
​60 min - $80 or 90 min $115

Using a stronger pressure releasing trigger pain points or just tight aching muscles. Deep doesn't mean pain! The client is in control. The therapist will work with the pressure so that the client is comfortable. Release lactic acid improve blood flow to the areas or a full body deep tissue.

Pre/Post Natal Massage
​80 min - $120

Ease your birthing experience by reducing fluid retention, stimulate blood supply to the placenta, loosen  joints such as hips, shoulders, knees and help improve breathing by giving your body more room to expand for rib opening creating a "bigger" breath. Post natal assists Mom by nurturing and helping the uterus get back to it's normal size faster.


​60 min - $80

A focused treatment to improve your sport. Blended massages and stretching to release lactic acid and improve circulation, and joint mobility and range of motion for better performance.

Manual Lymphatic Drain-age
​90 min - $140

Helps to stimulate your Lympahtic system to assist in keeping the body healthier and excess fluid retention release! Very encouraged for Cosmetic surgeries..a trained therapist will assist your body to FASTER HEALING

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