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Body Mechanics through Massage Therapy takes a lot of  pride and personal interest for every company. We request an annual Contractual agreement. We are flexible and willing to create packages that suits your company's needs Please don't hesitate to ask and discuss your interest. All massage therapists are licensed, certified skilled  professionals. Each Therapist will always ask your team member if they have a preferred area of  focus. it's ABOUT each Team Members Massage, not  about the routine. so no matter which therapist you see, you are guaranteed an customized experience.

All Complimentary raffles and certificates are directed to HR.


Garnet Package
    Every employee counts! up to 50 Employees
  1 visit / monthly =   6 hours total         
            One Massage Therapist (per visit)

                 @ 6 hours

  •     OR two Therapists  @ 3 hours


  • Each visit  18 - 24 team members

  • 18 @ 15 mins each 

  • 24 @ 10  mins each



    *ONE - 30 minute feet treatment as she / he 

          relaxes in an  Anti- gravity Recliner! 

value $ 50

Emerald Package
600- 850 Employees

   3 visits / monthly =   18 hours total      


  • One Massage Therapist (per visit) @ 6 hours  

  • Two Therapists @ 3 hours


  • Each visit   18- 24 team members

  • 18 @  15 mins each  

          (neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands)

  • 24  @10 mins each 

             (neck, shoulders and back)

(54 - 72 team members to attend monthly)




*PLUS  2- 30 minute FEET TREATMENTS as they   relax back in an Anti- Gravity recliner  

value $580

                                                                                                           Fee $ 1,440 



  • 2 - 4 monthly visits

see following for breakdown:


  • $1,200 monthly  / 8 hours @ 2x month

  •  $1,350 monthly @ 6 hours per visit @ 3x month = 18hrs

  • $2,100 monthly  @ 10 hours per visit @ 3x month = 30 hrs   


Every Zirconia visit includes  Samples of BioFreeze and informative brochures for team members . As always, our  focused attention to goal results for each team member! 


 GOT FLEX spending

Use your FLEX Account for a more flexible body and mind! We are a provider for American Specialty Health Networks. call to schedule


Ruby Package

 200 - 400 Employees

    2 visits / monthly  = 11 hours total


One Massage Therapist  (per visit)

                    @5  1/2 hours  

              OR two Therapists  @ 2 3/4  hours


  •    Each visit   16 - 20  team member

  •     16  @ 15 mins

  •     20  @ 10 mins each




(great for Holiday or incentive)

*PLUS  2- 30 minute feet treatments as he / she relaxes in a Anti -  gravity recliner!    

                           value $260     

Diamond Package

700 - 1,300 Employees

  • 4 visits / monthly = 24  hours total


  • One Massage Therapist (per visit) @ 6 hours

  • Two Massage Therapists @ 3 hours

  • Each visit 18 - 24 team members

  • 18  @  15 mins each  

(neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands) 

  • 24  @10 mins each ( neck, shoulders and back)

(72-96 team members attended to monthly) 

want extra massage therapists to attend to more team members?  We can do that too!



*PLUS  12- 30 minute FEET TREATMENTS as they relax back in an Anti- Gravity recliner   

 value $1,320


                     Fee $1,920                 






"The massages we get at work from Body Mechanics through Massage are wonderful!  the dayat a computer. The relief is immediate and much appreciated. A wonderful benefit given to the employees at CTS to help relieve stress and improve our attitudes. "

Paula Miller


When I told Cara that ever since I had a partial hip replacement, I had pain almost every day, she suggested that I try the Melt Hand & Foot Method.

She instructed me how to use the MELT balls, and I began doing them every day........after only three days, the pain disappeared and has never come back.

As time went  on, I realized that other things were improving such as the dent in my hip, which wasn't as deep from the surgery and my golf drive increased by 25 to 30 yards as my flexibility and range of motion increased.

Recently I got Planter Fasciitis and the pain was excruciating.  The Melt Hand & Foot Method was the answer to make it possible for me to work on my feet all day and still heal my foot. I am happy to say I am out of pain and in a much shorter time than anyone thought I would be.

I am a true believer now and I have to say I will be using these MELT balls for the rest of my life as a way to anti-age and live a more pain-free active life.

Trudi Siebuhr 

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