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Reveal your Skin

Peruvian Chocolate Sugar Scrub
​60 min - $95 or 90 min $145

Prime pressed cocoa butter and coconut oil nourish

your skin while dead skin cells are sloughed off to reveal softer, more radiant skin. Completed by a full body massage applying Peruvian Chocolate Bliss Creme, a rich organic cocoa butter and natural emolients.

Chianti Grapeseed Crush​​
​60 min - $95 or 90 min $145

Mediteranean Olive Oil, crushed grape seeds,  blackberry fibers and luscious red wine mingle in this innovative brew designed to gently poish skin to a rosy glow. Then restore with a rich Acai Antioxidant Body Creme formulated with an array of indegenous Amazonian ingredients.

Green Tea Crushed Rice Body Scrub​​60 min - $95 or 90 min $145

Pure cane sugar, crushed rice and bamboo powder a tripple exfoliation system, enveloped in a creamy blend of exotic butters and green tea for this Thai inspired treat. 

Avaocado & Ootanga Body Scrub​​
60 min - $95 or 90 min $145

These South African avocados are a treat for your skin. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, the oil locks in moisture to promote soft, suptle skin.  Acai Antioxidants enriches the skin with a cocktail of potent antioxidants as nourishing oils lock in moisture and feed the skin

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